EduSoft School Management System

User Manual - Overview

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It is our pleasure to introduce the Lite Edition of our international software, EduSoft, for educational institutions to you. The software is a product of our desire to assist schools, colleges and other educational institutions to easily capture and maintain proper records of school activities and to access these records in the most convenient way. It is also a product of collaborations with our co-developers in other parts of the world which enable us to use modern technology to solve business problems.

The deep desire to help schools led us to make findings regarding how schools keep their records and the challenges they face in the process of doing so. The first attempt to assist schools was far back in 2001 when we developed a software for Grays International College, Kaduna using Visual Basic in view of the challenges they were facing in keeping massive records of transactions. Since, then we have developed different software solutions to assist businesses in maintaining proper records of transactions and activities. What you have in this software, therefore, is a REAL SOLUTION, not another burden.


EduSoft was designed and developed by System Consult for schools in Nigeria. However, since the standards in Nigeria are universal, the software can be used anywhere in the world to solve the challenges schools are facing in today's fast-paced world.

This school software is a web-based application that runs on even laptops and phones. Hence, You do not need a gigantic infastructure to set it up. You could have it on your website and access it on any device. You could also have it on any system in your school and access it over your Local Area Network(LAN) or Wide Area Network(WAN)


The EduSoft School System helps you to overcome the following challenges:

  • Inability to make well informed decisions due to lack of timely and accurate information
  • Inability to gather all data/information in a single place for easy access
  • Difficulties and pains in obtaining vital information regarding:
    • Fees payments
    • Oustanding fees
    • Bank balances
    • Student performances
    • Attendance
    • Cost of running the institution etc
  • Pains in the collation, sorting and analysing large volume of transactions
  • High level of management involvement in tactical and operational activities
  • Inability to securely communicate student performances to parents/guardians
  • Inability to secure access to vital information
  • High cost of printing receipts, certificates and other stationeries
  • High cost of purchasing registers, forms and other books for the manual recording of transactions
  • Pain, difficulties and errors in the computation, aggregation and collation of scores in various tests and exams
  • Pain, difficulties and errors in the manual recording of transactions
  • Errors in the grading of scores
  • Cumbersomeness in the promotion process
  • Large volume of paper-work arising from non-automation/partial auto-mation of processes
  • Errors in the manual recording of transactions
  • Difficulties in structuring fees for various students in a flexible manner
Even where you have a school software these challenges are not uncommon:
  • Steep learning curve
  • Semi-automation due to lack of basic functionalities
  • Use of software not designed for our environment
  • Lack of adequate support for software
  • Inability to use the software for decision support
  • The software creating more problems than it is solving
  • Large volume of paperwork inspite of automation
  • Large amount of manual work, though with automation
  • Difficulties in incorporating different tests, homework, exams in the terminal results
  • Inability to track who did what
  • Inability to capture all the tests, assignments, exams etc undertaken by students
  • Inability to track history of fees, discount schorlarship, holidays etc
  • Inability to export data in csv, excel or text format for further uses(e.g analysis, reconciliation etc)
  • Complex and difficult to use software
  • Lack of support from the developers of the software etc


In order to solve the above highlighted challenges, EduSoft was built with the following capabilities:

  • Timely and accurate information for better decision making by management
  • Ehances strategy focused management
  • On-line real-time processing of various transactions:
    • Student registration and enrolment
    • Student attendance
    • Student infractions/achievements
    • Fees payment
    • Bank lodgements
    • Exam scores
    • Expenses etc
  • Flexible definition of fees structure to allow mandatory and optional fees
  • Flexible definition of exams to allow unlimited exams during the term and optionally include all these in the terminal results
  • Email support for reports, certificates, results, password-reset etc
  • Image support for students and the institution
  • Ability to import transactions from tab-delimited flat files(excel, csv, txt) to ease postings:
    • Student registration and enrolment
    • Student fees payment
    • Student exam scores etc
  • Table-based data input to ease data capture:
    • Student registration and enrolment
    • Student fees payment
    • Student exam scores
    • Cash lodgement
    • Expense postings etc
  • Dashboard support for critical performance statistics
  • Removal of people-dependent procedures
  • Roles/responsibilities based access
  • A single repository of data to increase ability to share information and avoid duplicating the work of others
  • PDF and Excel/CSV supports for critical reports
  • Single source of truth for all tasks(registration, enrolment, fees, scores, results etc)
  • Ability to seemlessly aggregate/collate ALL the various exams in the semester
  • User validation for all inputs to ensure data integrity
  • Full log of all transactions
  • Full automation of critical school processes
  • Intuitive posting of transactions
  • Real-time input validation for data integrity
  • A complete user-manual
  • Fully functional web-based support

What else do you want? Why would you want to be limited by pirated software with associated steep learning curve and lack of support. Get the original software, with known developers, at a lower total ownership cost.

General Overview

The purpose of this section is to give you a bird-eye view of the system and to wet your appetite for it

User Registration

All users of this application have to be registered in order to use the system and the beauty of it is that it is self-registration

To get registered, follow these steps:

  • Access the web link, as given to you
  • The Login Form will appear
  • Note that the background image is customizable, as this is the photo of the institution that will be captured during the institution set-up. This image should be in jpeg/jpg image format
  • Click the SignUp button on the Login Form to register yourself as a user
  • One important benefit of this system is that it allows self-registration for users
  • While all the registered users have access to the system, users have to be given roles in order to be able to perform specific taks in the system.
  • Contact the System Administrator, therefore, after creating yourself as a user for access roles assignment
  • For you to have online access to the version hosted on our web site, please fill the Contact Us Form to enable us complete the registration process. Please use this same email address that was used for the self-registration when contacting us through the form.

Filling the Registration Form

  • Filling the form is quite intuitive and require no much explanation
  • The password should be a combination of capital, lowercase letters, numbers and special signs(e.g & % . etc)
  • The email should be a valid email as it will be used for subsequent communication with you
  • The password is encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone
  • The system has the ability to allow you reset your password, if you cannot remember it. For you to use this feature, you need to remember your mother's maiden name or secret word and your email address to reset your password
  • Note that your password should only be known by you ALONE as activities carried out on the system are tracked. In view of this, ALWAYS log out of the system while not in use
  • Click the Register Button to submit your data
  • Data validation will be carried out before processing and error detected will be highlighted for correction
  • You will receive "Update Succesful" message if all went Ok at the server end
  • Please contact the Administrator if "Update Not Succesful" message is received
  • Go back to the Login Form to signon with your specified username and password
  • Note, however, that accessing the system is not the same as using it as you need to be given a role to use it

User Login

You need a self-generated user-name, password and administrator-assigned roles in order to carry out various activities in the system. Note that you need to register and be assigned a role in order to use the system

Do the following in order to sign on:

  • Access the web page, after obtaining the URL address
  • The Login Form will appear
  • Enter your self-generated user-name
  • Enter your passowrd
  • Click the Login button
  • Use the Forgot Password or the SignUp Form link to reset your password, if you have forgotten it

Data Input

Data have to be inputted and processed to information to make it useful. This application allows you to flexibly input data in various ways, namely

  • The form fields via the keyborad
  • The form tables via the keyboard. The horizontal data capture table was provided to ease data capture from activity intensive tasks e.g student registration, enrolment, fees payment, score input etc
  • To further simplify data input and take it to another level, the system provides for the importation of data from external sources in the form of tab-delimited flat files

Note the following, however, regarding data input:

  • Drop downs are available ONLY where the List of Values(LoVs) are defined
  • The form fields will be populated automatically if there is information for the inputted parameter e.g sysllabus, scores etc
  • To access class sections, you need to select the class first
  • For school terms, endeavour to include the academic year in the term definitions. This is because access to school terms are direct and not through academic years
  • Dates are in the format dd/MM/yyyy
  • You need to click the Save buttons to update the system with the input
  • Your input will be validated before processing
  • There will be a definite feedback as to whether the update was successful or not
  • For most updates, the table on the right of the screen shows the updated information
  • You need to reset the screen, if the last update was an Edit operation
  • To Edit the details of a record, Double-Click the blue colored cell in the table
  • Click the delete button in the table to Delete the selected record
  • Click the pen button in the table to Review/Approve this posting, this facility is not available in the Lite Edition
  • Click the export button to export all the records in excel or pdf formats

The View tabs

In addition to the tables provided on the right side of code creation forms which enable you to view data as captured by the system, you also have view tabs that enables you to interrogate the system and produce relevant information.

Note the following regarding this feature:

  • The Search Field gives you a date range to use in searching: Hence, type the start and end date separated by a space and click the Search Button
  • At other times the fields to be filled for View are several. Ensure that you fill all of these fields
  • You may have to press the Search Button to search or the search will be automatically trigerred on filling the last required information
  • The blue colored buttons are links that will enable you to edit the record
  • The pen button allows you to review/approve the record
  • The delete button is to allow you to delete that record
  • The print button indicates that you can print the record

The Icons

Icons are used extensively to communicate the functions of some buttons in the application. Find below details about the icons in this application

  • The pen button allows you to review/approve the record
  • The delete button is to allow you to delete that record
  • The print button indicates that you can print the record

Data Import

One of the ways to input data into the system is by means of external data import. This was provided to allow you to import mass data generated by other means into the application without requiring you to go through the laborious form field inputs.

Note the following, however, on this feature:

  • use a good application to have your data well formatted in the form to be imported into this application
  • your data should be tab-delimited NOT comma-separated. Microsoft Excel is a good software to create this type of files
  • ensure that you test the data by trying to import it into Microsoft Excel. If it imports properly then you are ready to go. Note that the system will not import wrongly formatted data
  • click the Upload button and navigate to where the file is in your computer in order to load the records to be imported
  • the selected file wil be loaded and the table will be populated automatically
  • the importation is based on the columns that you see before data importation. Hence, ensure that your data is arranged that way
  • the system picks correct names of students and other records based on the registration codes for the students. Hence, it does not import data that are already available within the system
  • the essence of allowing viewing before data update is to enable you to review the data and allow the system to carry out essential data validation
  • input any other information essential for the processing of the input(e.g Term, enrolment date etc)
  • Click the Update Database button to update the system with the data

Data Export

Another important feature of this system is Data Export and it helps you to move data our of the system for further analysis and other purposes. This feature also allows you to send reports electronically to parents and print various reports

This facility is available in most of the forms and tables and useful for:

  • Integrating data from the system to other systems or to prepare other reports
  • Data analytics, though some of these are available in the system
  • Generating receipts, result slips and other vital pdf reports for printing and emailing

Image Capture

Seeing, they say, is believing and an image speaks a thousand words. Therefore, this application provides for extensive use of images/graphics, NOT for aesthetics only but for functionality

Note, however, the following regarding images/photos

  • The image for the institute photos should be in jpg/jpeg format
  • The logo images should preferably be in png image format
  • Images are only displayed where loaded. Note that non-usage of images do not hinder data input
  • Click the Browse button to load images from your folder


Tables are used in various ways in this application. From Data Input to View to Data Import etc. This emaphasizes the importance of tables in data processing

Be that as it may, note the following on the use of tables in this application:

  • Most of the view tables have filter and navigation buttons. The filters are to search and display information in the table
  • The filters are to search and display information in the table
  • The navigation buttons will take you from page to page in the table
  • Those with filters have sorting capabilities and these are shown as arrows in the table headings. Use the sorting to re-arrange data in the table based on the heading selected
  • It is also possible to specify the number of records to be diplayed per page in the table
  • Some view tables have pen and delete buttons. The pen buttons are to review/approve the postings, while the delete buttons remove the records from the database. Note, however, that the system will not allow you to delete a record that has been used elsewhere.
  • The delete buttons, during data input, however allow you to remove the row from the table
  • Blank rows in the table should be deleted before you click Save for input operations

Change Password

The system was designed to allow you to reset your password in the most flexible way. Hence, you have the following options to reset/change your password

  • The Change Password Form in the mainmenu
  • The User Signup Form. Ensure that you input your username, secret code and registered phone


Various preventive, detective and corrective controls are built into this system some of which are listed below:

  • Access Controls: You have to be assigned access roles for you to be able to do anything in this application. Hence, you can only perform the functions that assigned to your roles. Among the restricted functions in the application include the following:
    • Application Setup
    • Record deletion
    • Backup maintenance
    • User maintenance
    • Report generation
    • Record view etc
  • Input Controls: In order to ensure data integrity, the system is built with the underlisted controls:
    • Input validation before processing
    • Existence controls over codes through the provision of LoVs
    • Editing and deletion of records limited to those who created the records
    • Restriction on deletion of codes/records that have been used in another record etc
  • Processing Controls: The system has these controls to ensure that processing is complete, accurate and authorized:
    • Control Totals: The system at times gives you a control total against which different transaction values are checked before processing. This is to ensure that all the transactions are complete and accurate
    • Existence controls over codes through the provision of LoVs
    • Restriction on deletion of codes/records that have been used in another record
    • Input processing feedback as to whether processing was successful or not etc
    • Opportunity to call-over processed transactions
  • Output Controls: To ensure that reports are accurate and complete, the system was built with these controls:
    • Page numbering of reports
    • Descriptive headers for reports
  • Others: The system also has these other controls:
    • Backup: Periodic backup of data
    • Audit Trails: Facilities to trace who posted what and when